Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AASW)

Do you have trouble maintaining relationships? Have you lost friends and feel anxious about family events, such as birthdays and Christmas? Do you find yourself putting on an act for your family and loved ones, hiding your true self?


This can be extremely overwhelming and painful. And unfortunately, common amongst the LGBTIQ+ community. Relationships can be stressful. But together, we can develop strategies and look at situations from different perspectives. It’s possible to heal old wounds. I can help you find a sense of calm in your life and feel positive about the future. A future where you can be authentic and your own true self.


You don’t have to live with negative thoughts and bad habits. Get in touch and we’ll look at solutions. Sometimes, simply talking can help you make a change.


I can work with you to develop strategies for bridging your different worlds. We’ll work together to better manage depression and anxiety, while enjoying healthier relationships with people close to you.


As a counsellor, I’ve worked with many in the LGBTIQ+ community and others suffering from trauma, grief and loss. This could be death, the end of a relationship or a loss of a future, that’s not meant to be.


My passion is helping people struggling with their identity. I want you to feel more comfortable in your own skin. To feel calm and positive about the future.


Don’t continue living a life that doesn’t make you happy. Get in touch and together we can make a change in your world, for the better.


Matthew Talbot Hostel, Pastoral Carer

The Wollongong Hospital – After-Hours On-Call

Social Worker

Sydney Children’s Hospital, Chronic Pain Service


Children/Young People  

 Sydney Children’s Hospital, Oncology Hematology, Senior

Child Protection Counselling Service (Illawarra &

Macarthur), Senior Social Worker

Domestic Violence Community Counselling Team, Social


Diagnostic Assessment Service – Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District, Senior Social Worker


areas of interest



Social justice


Sexual assault

Grief and loss – including life-limiting conditions. 

Family work


Associate Diploma in Social Science (Hunter TAFE NSW 1994)

Bachelor of Social Work (UNSW 1999)

Becoming a Supervisor (NSW Institute of Psychiatry 2004)

Narrative Therapy (Dulwich Centre 2015)



Thursday 8am-6pm

Peter may also be available outside of these hours.