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Peaceful Kids

Peaceful kids is an 8 week skills based program to help encourage individuals reflect and share their thoughts and feelings, validate their experiences and build resilience in young people manage day to day stresses.


Johnny & Jono, directors of specialise in working with adolescences, both previously working for Headspace, Bondi Junction and have both trained in the Peaceful Kids model alongside other psychotherapies.


Program structure


The 8 week program runs a weekly session (approximately 1 hour) that firstly explores feelings, emotions; introduces healthy coping strategies and finishes with a mindfulness mediation. The program also engages with parents. Sending out a weekly email to summarise the session and provides an audio recording of the meditation, for the children to practice at home.

We are also able to offer ‘taster’ sessions to your school for staff and students to experience and consultation groups to teachers.

Group size


5 - 15


Feedback for previous groups

Classrooms are calmer

Children seems more settled and focused

Children are coping with conflict better

Lower detention rates

Feedback from parents

Children not feeling as anxious

Sleeping better

Handing worries better

Handling difficulties better at school

More resilient


Best times to run program

End of year, in conjunction with exam stress

Beginning of the year, support transition from primary school. 

New year, new strategies.



$660 per session including GST

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