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Schema Group  Therapy

What is group schema therapy?

Dr Catherine McCarthy and Johnny Kieran-Black have been delivering schema therapy groups over the last three years, firstly in a hospital setting and since 2019, at The Genki Centre in Glebe. Group Schema Therapy (GST) is an effective treatment for a number of psychological difficulties, including complex and enduring mental health problems.

GST is a creative approach which draws on cognitive, experiential/emotion focused, and behavioural techniques. The program is based on the work of Farrell and Shaw in the USA who developed GST 30+ years ago. GST works on schema modes which are the different emotional states and coping strategies we use when our schemas are triggered.

Click here for info on referring a client to Schema Group

Why do the group?

The goals of the group sessions include learning:

• a new way to understand psychological problem and how to recover from them; 

• how to make changes to improve your sense of self, your relationships, and quality of life;

• how to increase your ability to tolerate distress without acting in ways that are harmful to you or others;

This program will also help you to learn about and understand your feelings, needs, and thoughts; the impact of childhood experiences on the present; and provide you with healthy coping skills to try out in the safe and supportive environment of the group.

What does it involve?

The group is a 10 week programme, which runs every week for 2 hours. Each week we cover a different schema mode and focus on developing practical ways to respond differently at times your schemas are activated so that you can strengthen the healthy and happy parts of self.

The cost is $120 per week of which $35 is rebated via Medicare.

We ask that you make a commitment to the whole 10 weeks. You are also welcome to do another round of the group if needed


What do I need to do to join?

Please contact Johnny on 0426 897049 to book in an initial assessment.

You will be asked to complete a schema questionnaire as well as some brief outcome measures pre and post program.

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