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MEET Chauncey

Psychotherapist, Gestalt Therapist

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Chauncey (she/her) is a qualified Gestalt Therapist (PACFA) with over 10 years of dedicated experience in the healthcare field and extensive therapeutic training. She takes pride in her inclusive approach, welcoming individuals of all gender identifications and holding a strong connection to the LGBTQI+ community as an active member of the rainbow family.


Chauncey adopts a holistic, non-pathologizing approach to meet people where they are, and create the conditions for positive change and integration. She is passionate about supporting her clients to develop the tools, awareness, and capacity to lead fuller lives. Her therapeutic style is trauma-informed, person-centered and body-focused; emphasizing compassion and attunement.


Chauncey knows that it takes immense courage to embark on a healing journey. Her warm and open personality allows her to walk alongside clients as they gain greater awareness of their challenges and experience a new depth of personal understanding. She believes that each person has the ability to heal, and that sometimes a helping hand is needed.  


With an educational background in anthropology and gender studies, Chauncey brings a unique perspective to her therapeutic work. This allows her to tailor her approach from a big-picture lens. 


In addition to her therapeutic expertise, Chauncey's 10 years of experience as a midwife uniquely positions her to offer specialized support for the psychosocial challenges associated with fertility, pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. This is not only applicable to the birthing person, but also to support people and others involved in a multitude of family dynamics.

areas of interest

Trauma healing 

Survivors of childhood adversity

Relationship difficulties and boundaries

Complex family dynamics

Managing overwhelming emotions

LGBTQIA+ identifying people

Chronic health conditions (e.g. HIV+)


Diploma of Counselling, The Relational Institute Australia. 2023 - current

Postgraduate Qualification in Gestalt Therapy (2020-2022) 

Bachelor of Midwifery (with distinction) 

Bachelor or Arts (Anthropology and Gender Studies (with distinction)


Wednesday 230pm-8pm and Thursday 8am-130pm

(other days available upon request)

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