Shiatsu Practictioner

Born in France, Alex was a regular yoga practitioner for about 2 years before he came across a very unusual style of yoga, taught by an unconventional teacher. This yoga was Japanese yoga, also called Zen yoga or Yoga Therapy. Being very strong and quite flexible already at the time, he was fascinated how this style could change your body, mind and spirit within one class. He was hooked.


After a lengthy 2 year training in yoga therapy and shiatsu and some additional further studies with other world wide experts, he continues to keep learning from great teachers and different practices in order to develop a better understanding of the human body and mind, and use this to help, support and educate others on their journey to health.


“There is no greater gift to me than to have a positive impact on someone’s health whether it be through a yoga class, a shiatsu massage, or a simple conversation and exchange of information and ideas.”



Zen Shiatsu Massage Therapy with Alex

Do you want to be healthier and get rid of the aches, anxiety, digestive issues or skin problems?

Shiatsu goes to the root of the problem and works on the meridians, which are the energy pathways that run throughout your body and affect your vital organs directly. The energy is much more subtle than the physical (muscles, tendons, etc.), but it governs the physical body.

A Zen Shiatsu treatment is as deep or as gentle as a receiver requires. Alex pays great attention to your energy level in order to apply the right amount of pressure. Zen Shiatsu practitioners use both hands. One hand is used to listen, and sound out the responses of the receiver. When the other hand reaches an appropriate depth, an energetic connection passes between the hands of the practitioner. The receiver’s body tells the giver when the pressure is right. An energetic circuit is created, creating change and movement in the patient’s body.

Full-body stretches are also used to release areas of chronic stagnation and blockage. These stretches amplify and isolate the areas of stagnation, and receivers are encouraged and guided to breathe deeply during the stretches. A rhythmic dance develops in the patient’s body between expansive stretching and deep compression.

Zen Shiatsu is appropriate for all ages and body types. It is performed fully clothed, with the receiver lying on a futon on the floor. Treatments last one and a half hours. Zen Shiatsu is very effective in conditions where emotional disturbance or stress is an underlying factor. While this could be said to include all ailments, the following are the conditions most widely regarded as stress-related:

* Insomnia and sleeping difficulties
* Anxiety and Depression
* Muscular Tension
* Headaches
* Digestive problems
* Menstrual Dysfunction
* Low Resistance to Infection
* Lower back pain
* Neck pain and stiffness
* Wrists, joint, hip problems due to repetitive strain

The localised physical effects of Zen Shiatsu also relieve:

* Sinus Congestion
* Retention of Fluid in Tissues
* Poor Circulation