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MEET alex

Shiatsu Therapist & Yoga Therapy teacher

Alex was a regular yoga practitioner for about 2 years when I came across a very unusual style of yoga, taught by an unconventional teacher, in a quirky yoga studio that you would never find except from word of mouth. This yoga was Japanese yoga, also called Zen yoga or Yoga Therapy.


After a few months of attending classes, Alex tried a shiatsu session with that same teacher, which changed his life forever as he decided then to start training in that discipline.


This unique feeling of harmony, Zen, balance and connection he experienced that day was like none he had encountered before.

A year and a half later, doing yoga twice a day almost everyday, learning both shiatsu therapy and yoga therapy hand in hand, Alex started teaching and treating his own clients and students. Alex will forever be a student and will never feel like he has mastered these two practices, which keeps him humble and forces him to have a beginner’s mindset. Every student is a teacher to him, and every patient is a new lesson.


After 3 years of practicing with his first teacher he felt like his body needed more, something stronger, something new. This is when he decided to go to NYC meet Rose Erin. Rose initially learnt from different yoga teachers (one of which was Darma Mittra) before deciding to go study acupuncture and Chinese medicine. She then merged those 2 practices and applies the knowledge of the meridians into her yoga classes, which was a very interesting and similar approach than Alex's first teacher.


He went to many classes whilst travelling in NYC and fell in love with her style, philosophy, approach and passion for her practice. He then decided to go to Milan a few months later to attend one of her yoga intensive training for a week. It was intense, both physically, spiritually and intellectually because Erin is a fountain of knowledge and she will give you all the information she’s got.

Alex has now been practicing both yoga therapy (Japanese yoga) and shiatsu therapy around sydney for 4 years and is based in Sans Souci with regular classes there. 

He treats people from his place there but also travels to do home visits if needed and can do treatments at Open Dialogue Darlington Centre.

areas of interest

Yoga Therapy

Macrobiotic & nutrition

Five element theory

Chinese & Japanese traditional medicine

Functional training

Fasting and Nutrition to help with health goals

Shiatsu therapy for any body ailments and calm the mind


Yoga therapy course (500 Hours)

Shiatsu therapy course (500 hours)

Acupressure therapy

Hatha yoga teacher training


Flexible most days apart from certain evenings (teaching yoga)

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